Honey, The Professional Waitress®

Honey, The Professional Waitress®, is a master communicator

Who is she?

Honey, The Professional Waitress®, is a master communicator. She specializes in facilitating exchange between people.

Honey’s style is unforgettable. She has the looks of the quintessential 1950s diner waitress—with the sensibility of a woman of the new millennium.

Honey serves up blue-plate wisdom with panache—and she can really get people talking. Honey is more than wise and lovable. She’s an entertainer, a motivator and a marketer.

Honey, The Professional Waitress® makes people feel good

How does it work?

Honey likes to say that she “fluffs the pillow of life” for people.

Honey’s spontaneous interaction helps people reconnect with their life and the lives of those around them, reinforcing the community of your party or your business-related event. Not only will she delight, but she will help get people talking so they get the most out of the experience.

In this high-pressure age, where deadlines encroach, communications demand attention and information roars by on the speed-limit-free superhighway mussing your hair in the draft, Honey provides a rest stop.

So come on in and see what she means by “fluffing the pillow of life.”

Honey likes to say that she “fluffs the pillow of life” for people

What Are the Results?

Honey, The Professional Waitress® makes people feel good. Everybody immediately notices that Honey is in the room. It’s hard to miss her. Once people realize that Honey is there to make sure they are having a good time, they relax. Honey’s heart-felt style encourages guests and attendees to be themselves. She opens the channels of conversation. Once people are comfortable, Honey can step back and let people talk and make the most out of their experience.

Honey makes your product memorable!

Suggested Uses for Honey?

#1. Icebreaking - Get things rolling during the adult beverage hour of company meetings and conferences. Honey starts the action, induces participation and leaves your guests/employees with a positive impression of you!

#2. Fundraising - Put the "fun" into fundraising events. Honey is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!

#3. Private Parties - Make sure the life of the party arrives on time. Honey gets the party started quicker than a bowl of spiked punch—and no hangovers!

#4. Wellness Workshops - Need a little relief? Honey is the perfect remedy for the backaches, brain drain and fidgets that crop up during conferences. Lighten up!

#5. Trade Shows - Draw attention to your trade show booth. Honey stalks the halls of major trade shows, collecting business cards and introducing people to your company.

#6. Product Promotion - Looking for an edge in a tight market? Honey sells your product with humor!

#7. Spokesmodeling - There’s no doubt that the world’s favorite professional waitress makes an impression. Honey makes your product memorable!

#8. Grand Openings - Enliven your grand opening. Honey adds the grand to every grand opening!

There’s no doubt that the world’s favorite professional waitress makes an impression


"Our Annual Meeting was a success and we owe much of the credit to Honey. She didn't just break the ice - she melted it! Thank you again for serving up success with unbelievable style!"
-- Sybil Dunne, Marketing Director
University Mall

"We really appreciate Honey's creativity and help in making our meeting such a success."
-- Ben & Jerry

"I highly recommend Honey to anyone looking for a distinctive and memorable way in which to present their information."
-- Sharon Castner, Operations Supervisor
Liberty Science Center