The Masks of Montgomery

by Candace Page, Burlington Free Press, 3/4/12

MONTGOMERY CENTER — Thirty-one years ago, a lively young artist had an idea, born over drinks in a village bar and nurtured through a cold Vermont winter: She would capture the face of every resident of her mountain town, creating a collective portrait of Montgomery, Vermont. read full article >>>  view video >>>

Arts council brings art to everyone

WCAX News, 2/11/11

Art enriches life and forces people to consider what they don't know. But not everyone has access to the arts. That's where the Vermont Arts Council comes in. It's their mission to bring the arts to every corner of Vermont.

Alex Aldrich, the Executive Director of the council and Maggie Sherman, a teaching artist with the council who focuses on community-made art talk about their work. view video on >>>

Food on Film

by Alice Levitt, Seven Days, 10/13/10

What do we eat when we feel seductive? Jealous? Indecisive? Painter Valerie Hird explores those emotions and more in a new short film entitled “Mood Food.” The folks at Florida’s Key West Literary Seminar commission a work from Hird for their event each year, but the Burlington resident says this year she felt uninspired by the idea of painting “a still life with fruit” for the fest’s foodie theme. Instead, Hird decided to produce a 3-minute flick. read full article >>>